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Afternoon Tea 
Pre order only



Standard Afternoon Tea

£15.95 (sit in)

        £12.95 (takeaway)

x1 Sandwich (cut into 3) fillings include: Tuna Mayo, Turkey, Ham, Egg Mayo or Cheese

x1 Scone, Jam & Cream

Variety of Small Cakes

Garnish & Crisps

x1 Pot of Tea

Luxury Afternoon Tea

£28.95 (sit in)

       £24.95 (takeaway)

x3 Sandwiches (includes 3 fillings): Turkey & Cranberry, Ham, Savoury Cheese, or Egg Mayo

x1 Quiche Tart

x2 Salmon Cutlets

x1 Scone, Jam & Cream

x1 Cheese & Crackers

Selection of Cakes: Millionaire, Bakewell, Brownie, Cupcake

x1 Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Garnish of: Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber & Crisps

x1 Pot of Tea

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